Each product manufactured by Ceramiche Musa is the result of perfect harmony between creativity of our designers, decorators and professional experience of our technicians industrial.

Enamel is an exclusive formula Ceramiche Musa Rich in valuable raw materials, has a perfect satin finish and a base moderately bright which gives the product its unique beauty, especially evident in white and brushed. The glaze is applied on fired clay ceramics (called “biscuit”) is represents the bottom of the ceramic. The colors are obtained using bases blended with the wisdom acquired and passed down through the decades, getting 40 warm colors, bright and sober, in addition to white and black.

The method of recovery is to look for patterns and models of past centuries to propose them using glazes and colors Ceramiche Musa reviving in the furnishings of the atmosphere today than once. Our research is constant and the result of collaboration with the world of architecture , research and university.

The decoration is hand expression of our tradition of craftsmanship. Each tile is individually decorated and hand-colored by painters under the watchful eye of the master decorator. The techniques used are the stencil for geometric design and execution freehand for the other styles, but to achieve the relief decoration is hand painted directly on the brick without polish. At the hand decoration that adds silkscreen used for aesthetic or budget of the customers.

During cooking painted ceramics, enamel and then painted, enters the furnace where it cooks for a second time at about 1000°. For this reason our product is called “double firing”. When cooked, the finished products are shipped to the choice where ceramics are examined individually by specialized operators that determine the first and second choice. Only ceramics free of imperfections are sorted, boxed, packaged and intended for sale. It is this phase that gives our customers the quality of the product.